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My Daily Tech Routine

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check the Score application on my phone to catch up on who won the west coast Major League Baseball games.  When I was younger, I was able to stay up past 8:30 every night to see who won, but that all changed when I became a father.  Following this, I check the weather, do a quick scroll through of Twitter, and check my banking before I get my day started.  I usually arrive to school an hour prior to the bell ringing, and during that time I am on my computer checking emails, communicating with parents on Edsby, posting assignments, or planning my day. 

I am trying to limit the amount of paper my class uses on a daily basis, and do as much as we can electronically because we are progressing towards a paperless world.  As I was typing this, I thought of Michael Scott from The Office when he was developing an advertisement for Dunder Mifflin. “It all starts with an idea.  But you can never tell where an idea will end up.  Because ideas spread.  They change, grow.  They connect us with the world.  And in a fast moving world, where good news moves at the speed of time and bad news isn’t always what it seems.  Because when push comes to shove, we all deserve a second chance to score.  Dunder Mifflin.  Limitless paper in a paperless world.”

Once I am home from work, I use my cell phone to listen to music as I cook and clean after supper.  After I put my daughter to sleep, I am watching her on the Google Nest since we use it as a baby monitor.  During this time, I am checking emails, and likely watching or following a baseball game on my tablet.  I always knew using technology was a big part of my life, but I did not realize how reliant I am on it until I was reflecting on it while writing this blog. 

As for using social media, I had Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.   However, I realized how much of my day was being consumed by it.  I deleted all of my social media accounts except Twitter.  I use it as a virtual newspaper, but I never Tweet.  However, that is bound to change after enrolling in this course. 

Until next time…

Reid Quest


3 responses to “My Daily Tech Routine”

  1. Reid,

    Awesome first blog post! My life and relationship with technology has changed drastically since the arrival of my son. I have also found that I spent way too much time on social media app/phone when I get home and would miss out on the limited time I have to hang out with Jenyr. This is why I am trying to put my phone down on its charger when I arrive at home so I am not distracted while with him! Of the social media apps, similar to you, I really only find true enjoyment and use out of twitter – keeps me up to date on what is happening in the world.


  2. Gunpreesh Kaur Avatar
    Gunpreesh Kaur

    I like the way you shared,’”Limitless paper in a paperless world” and I totally agree with using less paper as we are walking and growing fast towards technology, it increases efficiency and many environmental benefits. In my last course, I started using Twitter and finds it very beneficial as I come to know many new updates about schools and political awareness. Thanks for sharing your Tech daily life.


  3. Good to see you again! I look forward to having another class with you. As we’ve talked about before, I use social media as an onlooker. I don’t engage super closely with it, and I tend to use it more for informational purposes than interactions. It’s crazy how much time can be eaten up by aimless scrolling, reading, and more with social media. Do you feel like you miss it?


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