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Debate #1: Technology in the Classroom Enhances Learning

The members on both sides of the debate provided excellent insight and provided valid evidence on their side of the argument.  The pre-vote was interesting to see with 92.5% of onlookers agreeing that technology in the classroom enhances learning, and 7.5% disagreed.  Technology has changed drastically in the past 30 years, and it has changed the way we live and work.  In his TED Talk, Jason Brown made some valid points on how more children than ever have media devices on them at all times, with 16% of 8-11 year old children owning 5 or more media devices, 72% of 12-15 year old  year old children own 3 or more media devices, and 51% of households with a child between the ages of 3 and 15 have a tablet.  This data was measured in the United Kingdom in 2011, so in 2022 those numbers are inevitably higher.  By using technology, students can access more information than previous generations.  Thirty years ago, students could only gain information by asking people, or by reading books.  Today, educators and students can connect to individuals throughout the world and provide a level of learning and instruction that has not been used in past generations.  With technology in the classroom growing every year, it is important to utilize it to your own potential and relate lessons based on students’ interests.

I utilize technology daily in the classroom, but I completely understand why many disagree and feel that it does not enhance learning.  The group on the side of the debate who disagree made some valid points that made me second guess some of my beliefs.  Are there issues I run into with technology on a regular basis?  Absolutely!  Students find ways to bend the rules of using technology in the classroom, and they become distracted because of it.  I completely agree with the notion that having a device where one can communicate with their peers, browse social media, and explore the technological world is an addiction.  At times, I feel as though I am addicted to my phone and I need to make a conscious effort to live in the moment and put my phone away at times.  However, this is much different for students in my class who are 12-13 years old who do not fully comprehend what these devices can do.  Obesity and anxiety are two major issues that are affecting students throughout the world, and the abundance of technology readily available contributes to these issues.

Overall, there is no denying that we are living in a growing technological society, but it is up to the school and teacher to determine how to navigate through this confusing time to get the most out of their students with the resources you have.  I feel as though there is no winning to this debate, as everyone has their own opinions on it.  However, the post-vote to the debate changed drastically with 51.3% of the class agreeing technology enhances learning, and 48.7% disagreeing.  Great job to both groups!


4 responses to “Debate #1: Technology in the Classroom Enhances Learning”

  1. Alyssa Johnson Avatar
    Alyssa Johnson

    Hi Reid!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our first debate topic, that was such a fun class with our first official debate! I completely agree with you in regards to the stats with the class pre-vote and post-vote. I could not believe the drastic change by the post-vote. For me personally, I had voted disagree for both votes. Both teams did such an awesome job though!

    However, even though I was more on the disagree side both times, the agree group made such a good point in their debate by simply asking the question, “Could we teach without technology today?” The answer for me is a hard no! I definitely could not teach without technology, but agree with your statement of finding that balance and understanding the needs and interests of your students of where technology is best fit.

    I used to teach grade 4/5 and now have been teaching Kindergarten for quite a few years. My approach to using technology in Kindergarten is drastically different from what I now use in Kindergarten. Not to mention it has also changed over the years just in the fact of how much technology has grown and evolved!


  2. Thanks for your thoughtful post Reid. An undercurrent that seemed to run through the first debate seemed to be, “Good teaching is good teaching.” No amount of technology will change poor teaching practices into great teaching practices, but good teaching can be augmented with technology to create excellent teaching. Like many of the commenters and people participating in the debate I see the potential in technology, and many exemplars exist that show its meaningful integration. It really allows a degree of access and freedom that is unparalleled. However, just like any potential windfall it can be easily squandered and misused. I think the people who voted against the proposal were tapping into the idea that “throwing tech at the problem” isn’t a real strategy. I think the folks arguing for it had quite a challenge as they had to keep refocusing the debate on what it can do for those who are willing to go that extra mile.


  3. Hi Reid, Nice thoughts in your article.

    Technology has influenced today’s school and has played a quite significant role in learning. It has completely changed the process that how teachers and students learn. By using technology in the classroom, teachers open new gates to a limitless world of knowledge. With the help of internet and laptops, students have access to answers and they can access to electronic books, learning guides.
    Moreover, teachers can give a real time feedback on student’s work. But on the other hand technology bring some drawbacks with it. These days the screen-time has been increased which affects the health. I agree with your thought that anxiety is a result of using too much technology.


  4. Great points. No doubt, technology definitely has a place in the classroom. That would be hard to argue against. However, I don’t think that technology alone means good learning and/or teaching. There are so many factors involved in using technology to enhance learning. If educators are using technology to cross their t’s and dot their i’s then they are missing the enhancement piece of technology and learning. Without proper professional development (and ongoing development to boot) we cannot assume that all educators know how to properly use and implement technology into their classrooms.


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